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Do you want to be a fodder host to a Siberian cat? 

Fodder host 

I will be looking for fodder hosts in the future. Then I can continue with my breeding and at the same time keep down the number of cats at home, which in turn maintains a good balance between them.

Being a fodder host means that you get the cat "for free". 
I.e you don't pay a purchase price, instead the cat must have a number of litters (female) or make a number of matings (male).
In general, the agreement is that I am responsible for all breeding-related costs, eg. Health tests, food & sand for the litters/pregnant queen and other breeding-related fees. Should you wish to continue breeding the cat after the fodder agreement ends, then it's a possibility. I will then be able to be there as support and help. Otherwise, the cat will be castrated at your expense.


How does it work?

Personal chemistry is the most important thing for me, and that a potential fodder host understands the scheme of being a fodder host to a cat. It is a job, and you "pay off the cost of the cat"  for example in the following ways:
For a female: you will be responsible for the litters (often you have to take a vacation 1-2 weeks around when the litter arrives so that you can feed them - if there were problems at birth and the mother is unable to feed them herself), you should drive both mother and litters to the vet for tests, and for inspection, etc. You must be able to take matings at home if that is what the breeder considers best for a specific mating, otherwise you must drive the female to the male who will mate her, or take the train/bus if it is very far between.
For a male: you should go to the vet for test etc., and be able to take matings at your place if that is what the breeder considers best for a specific mating. If not, you will drive the male to where the female lives, or take the train/bus if it's very far between. There is more to be said about being a fodder host, but we can discuss that over the phone.

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