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About the 
Siberian breed


Their Story

Just as the name specify, the Siberian cat originates from Siberia. In the 18th century, nomads, hunters & fishermen immigrated to Siberia together with their cats. Perhaps thanks to the fusion of locally occurring cats and/or the harsh climate, the cats evolved to have a long, thick, water-repellent coat. These cats developed into a healthy and hardy breed in the harsh climate where only the strongest survived. ​


It was only in the 1980s that the breed was noticed by Russian cat clubs.
Genetically, these cats have been separated from European cats for over 100 years, which made these cats very alluring and unique. The first Siberian cats did not come to Sweden until around the year 2000.


The breed is known to be social, intelligent, beautiful, talkative and affectionate. Siberians also have become quite popular with people with allergies because it has been established that many allergics can tolerate them. They are also very curious and playful.

Siberians are a relatively active breed that enjoy learning things, and it's not uncommon for them to be able to open doors, play fetch or walk on a leash. Many Siberian cats have a love for water and like to play near or in it.


With that said, all Siberians are their own individuals, with their own personalities and preferences for what they like, or dislike.

                         - delvis källa:,, SVERAK

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