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SE Astreja's


My name is Paulina, and it's me who have the cattery name SE*Astreja's.

I am a relatively new breeder of traditional siberian cats. By that I mean with as few Neva Masquerades in the pedigree as possible. (However that's not the case with my first female though).
My journey into the world of breeding came 2020. I started to contemplate becoming a fodder host. But I realized that I wanted to become a breeder instead, because there would've been a lot that I wouldn't been a part of.

Siberians became the obvious choice due to their natures interlock very well with what I appreciate in a cat. 

 So I started to look for information, participate in lectures, seminars and the search for my first cat began. In 2023 I had my first two litters. 

Litters that are born usually have a "theme for their litter names". And since music is a big and important part of my life, it was only natural that my litters would be named after songs that meant and mean a lot to me. I've added  my first two litters "name-songs" to a Spotify playlist, and it will grow as more litters are born.

Having animals growing up was a part of my life since I was young, and brought home my first stray to my moms first. 
And on that road it continued with both dogs and cats throughout my childhood to adulthood.

In my breeding, I put a lot of emphasis on following SVERAK's ground rules but I also follow PawPed's health program for HCM (heart disease) as health is also of great  importance to me.

I feel that we as breeders have a responsibility, not only to test our cats regularly, but also to make thoughtful matings and breed in accordance to FIFes' breed-standard and healthy, socialized cats with wonderful temperaments.

I am a member of SVERAK, SÄSK and my local cat club, Skånes Kattklubb.


There is probably much more to write, but we should have something to talk about when you come to visit :)


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