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Dreary news but not unexpected...

Yes, as you know, Helianta was possibly pregnant. She is not. Then whether she was falsely pregnant or not, I can't answer that. She went into heat a few days ago.

I wanted to use Camry with her again, but with everything that's happened, I wonder if he's even fertile. Namely, a male cat has barbs on its penis, which have a function for mating and pregnancy. I have searched with high and low to get some more concrete information, because on Camry they don't seem to be as "big" as I have seen on other male cats when I searched on Google (not recommending to search, not a pleasant sight). I called a fertility specialist here in Skåne, and wondered if the size matters and got the vague answer that you can try and mate again, otherwise you have to make an appointment for a fertility test (which btw costs several thousands)... It feels a bit so so right now, but I at least hope that Helvina became pregnant after her several successful pairings with Loki anyway. Hopefully, it will show up pretty soon. I've heard so many times from other breeders that it never goes exactly as planned as a breeder,, but come on... at least a little can go right :D

We simply shall see ...


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