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Neutering the kittens

My kittens that are not sold for breeding are neutered before moving (which the new family pays for). The reason I do this is partly because I have many allergy sufferers who contact me, and a neutered cat is less hypoallergenic than a fertile one. Also, I think that the healing will be easier for them, as they are with their siblings and the flock here at home.

The other reason why I do it is because there are unfortunately too many people who choose to have a litter even though the cat was sold for companionship. And considering how much I test my cats, and how I strive to make good pairings, I don't want them to be "sweet-mated" with any cat just so the family can make several thousand from a cat with no pedigree as you can see being advertised daily at "Blocket".

We breeders select the best of the litter for breeding and the rest are sold as companions. And we breeders put an incredible amount of work into our cats and kittens, and it costs us accordingly.

The bottom line is that if you take a litter, you have bred the cat, and with that comes a responsibility. You have to health test them among other things,, which those who sell cats on "Blocket" without pedigrees do not do.


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