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Sceptical as hell...

I sincerely hope that it's just some form of paranoia surrounding Helianta's pregnancy.

As I mentioned before, I have not been completely one hundred percent sure whether she is actually pregnant or not.

Partly because she hasn't put on as much weight as last time, but also because I can't feel anything moving in her. I also have to mention that the pairings were strange, as she did not make the sounds they "usually make" when they are paired.

I have had countless breeders saying that "She is pregnant - Congratulations" and of course I want to believe them. As they have bred for so many years more than me, and one of them has even sat on the health board and is considered reputable in the Breeder world.

I can't remember when I've wished I was wrong in what I believe and feel. But that's what I wish, that I'm wrong and they're right.

I have several pet buyers waiting for the litters to be born in my cattery, and I understand that it will be disappointing if it turns out that Helianta is not pregnant.

This year with breeding has been pretty damn stressful if I do say so myself. Nothing has gone according to plan, and I don't know how any of the pairings will turn out.

Maybe the Universe is trying to tell me that I shouldn't breed, and that I should castrate my cats and find a new hobby...

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