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Soon it's time for Strega

Today is Day 62 for Strega, and no signs yet that anything is going to happen.

Feels exciting and fun, at the same time it feels a little scary and tense.

I hope that everything goes well, and that all the kittens are born healthy, spirited and with good weights.

Strega has gained over 1.1 kg so who knows, she might carry 5 kittens in there. I've heard that you usually "calculate about 200g/kitten" then how much is actually correct or not, I really wouldn't know.

If I compare it to last year, it could be true, but since I haven't had so many litters, the comparison feels a bit middle-of-the-road :)

Today I will fix the last thing before the birth and get everything out, so that it is in place when she starts giving birth.

Imagine that my little Strega is finally going to be a mother :)


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