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Stregas ultrasound :D

Updated: May 19

Had ultrasounds today with both Strega and Helvina to know 100% if there are any upcoming litters or not...

And YEEEES...Strega is expecting a little Miracle litter :D

I still can't quite understand it. It was only One pairing, nothing more. And what you read and most people say, the norm is that during the first mating, ovulation starts, and it is only matings after 24-36 hours that begin the creation of little kittens.

I am so very happy, can't stop smiling :D

As it looked on the ultrasound, there are at least four little kittens that Strega is carrying, but we will see when they are born, as an ultrasound cannot 100% show how many there actually are or not.

So insanely happy :D


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