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That kind of day...

Updated: Apr 18

Been sitting and trying to finish the website today, as you can see it's not quite done. I continued this morning with adjusting the design and so forth, and then I started translating the pages to English.

And that went well at last I thought since WIX is a lot of Drop n' Drag ... (I feel I must explain that I'm pretty much clueless when it comes to IT/programming and such). So... there I'd been sitting and translating approx. 3000/5000 words, meantime I sat and saved and clicked "done" (I had two windows open from the website I might add).

So after I saved, I closed the English window and wanted to look at the Swedish page that was open. Then I saw that most of the translations hadn't been saved so I had to start over again on approx. 600/5000 words. All I could do was to put on more coffee because I want to be finished with the Swedish/English section that is visible for you before the end of the day - and we shall see how that goes :D


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