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To be or not to be pregnant - that is the question...

Updated: Apr 18

Well, it's been a couple of interesting weeks I must say, and it probably will continue like that for a bit longer.

Camry, my bluesilver male came for a visit a few weeks back so we could see of he would mate with either Strega or Helianta.

It's recommended that you mate an experienced cat with an inexperienced cat because it's easier I assume. With that said, animals have mated since the beginning of time, and I think they've managed to reproduce without any I decided to try to mate Strega first.

She appeared to be in estrus, and she has very short feline heat cycles which doesn't leave much room for trying to coordinate matings.

Poor Camry tried all sorts of positions, it was sideways, he spooned her, she spooned him at some point, the little amateurs even tried out the missionary...well, you "get the picture", I had to leave occasionally because I laughed didn't want to distract them (I still sneak peeked through the babycam).

The sum total of this is that I felt that this wasn't going to result in anything, so I took her out and brought in Helianta, since she's already had a litter.

That went a bit better, but some elements were missing, but I let them be at it for a few days anyway.

So, to make a long story short. Helianta started showing some signs of pregnancy, but I felt that she could might as well be pseudopregnant. So after a couple of calls with a few breeders it has been made a conclusion that Helianta Is pregnant. So maybe it could be that the two amateurs also succeeded as well. So now it's just to wait and see what happens.

/ Paulina

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