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Astreja's Siberian cats

Traditional Siberian Cats


Helvina and Loke will become parents around

Midsummer week- 2024

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Hi and welcome to SE Astreja's Siberian cats
I have a small cattery where my cats are a part of the family.
The fundamental cornerstones of my cattery is to breed socialized, breed-typical, healthy cats with balanced natures'.
I have a few litters a year, and they are carefully planned, as are the families where the kittens end up - carefully selected. 
For me, it's important that the right kitten ends up in the right family. A family where the cat also will be a part of the family, and as loved as the kitten is during its first months with me. 
That's why I don't have a queueing system, as long as I feel that the person/family is right for that particular kitten
- and vice versa.


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